Ab heute steht euch ein neues Webinterface zur direkten Verwaltung eures TeamSpeak Server zur Verfügung. Alle Infos findet ihr hier.


Webinterface Update:
Das neue Webinterface ist online. Wir wünschen viel Spaß solltet ihr Fehler bemerken einfach eine E-Mail schreiben.


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.7
+ InactiveChannelCheck – Added a new option to set a channel icon instead of the channel name prefix, to mark a channel as inactive.
Check out the new config value PREFIX_emptywarniconid.
– Bugfix: InactiveChannelCheck was broken because of query changes of the TS3 server last year. My tests unfortunately did not cover this.
Now InactiveChannelCheck is compatible with, I guess, TS3 server version 3.9+, but not with older ones.
– Bugfix: Fixed a bug while unloading all plugins while stopping the JTS3ServerMod (internal and external plugins).
The methods disable() and unload() from plugins was not called always!
o InactiveChannelCheck – The channel name prefix for an inactive channel will be removed, if the JTS3ServerMod will be closed gracefully.
o Changed max length for chat messages to 8192 bytes (this is possible since TS3 server version 3.8).
o Changed internal communication with the license server to make it a little bit more failsave, if the webserver acts not like expected.
o Updated the procrun tool from Apache Commons to version 1.2.2!
This now supports newer Java versions, but dropped older Windows versions than Windows 7 / Server 2008 SP2.
So keep your old JTS3ServerMod\tools\procrun directory, if you have to use very old Windows versions!
o Updated Windows exe files using Launch4j 3.12, which improves the support of newer Java versions.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.48.

Webinterface Update:
+ Added the new settings for the InactiveChannelCheck from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.6.
– Bugfix: Password reset mails was not working, if the URL in the mail template was changed.
– Bugfix: On the general bot settings page changed htmlentities to htmlspecialchars,
which should fix the problems if using unicode characters as Server Query Name for the bot.
o Changed some database columns to collation utf8mb4_unicode_ci to allow all unicode characters.
Maybe some database operations needs now some more time and space, but this should fix all SQL errors,
if 4 byte unicode characters will be used for Channel or Nicknames.
o Database columns, which can contain a chat message, enlarged to 8192 characters (which is the new max length of the TS3 server 3.8+)
o Changed TS3 cache time to 15 minutes from 2 hours. (multiple requests)


Wir sind auf einen neuen Server umgezogen daher hat sich unsere IP geändert. Daher solltet ihr alle unsere neue
in eure “query_ip_whitelist.txt” eintragen.


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.5
– Bugfix: WelcomeMessage clientcountry_list_mode ignore was not working as expected, this is fixed now!


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.4
! WelcomeMessage – Changed the behavior of the config value PREFIX_clientcountry_list.
By default this list is inverted now. To get back the behavior of version 6.5.3,
change the new config value PREFIX_clientcountry_list_mode to only.
+ Added country list mode for the WelcomeMessage, which gives you more possibilities filtering for client countries now.
Check out the new config value PREFIX_clientcountry_list_mode.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3038
+ Added the new settings for the WelcomeMessage from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.4.


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.3
+ WelcomeMessage now supports selecting connecting clients using the country code (detected by the TS3 server).
This makes different welcome messages for different countries / languages possible.
Just keep in mind, that the country detection of the TS3 server is not always correct and should only be used with the newest version of the TS3 server!
Check out the new config value PREFIX_clientcountry_list.
+ WelcomeMessage got a new message variable for client server groups: %CLIENT_SERVERGROUPS%
This list all server group names separated with a comma.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3037
+ Added the new settings for the WelcomeMessage from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.3.


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.2
+ InactiveChannelCheck – Added channel name prefix for inactive channels (can be disabled). Check out the new config value PREFIX_emptywarntime.
+ Added the new feature of TS3 servers 3.5.0 and newer to set the client nickname of the bot before switching to the virtual server.
In this case the default query name with the ip address is not visible anymore. Of course there is a fallback for old TS3 servers.
o Changed behavior of InactiveChannelCheck. Channels will not be deleted within the first 10 minutes after starting the JTS3ServerMod.
If emptywarntime is active, channels will be marked instantly after starting the JTS3ServerMod and deleted after 10 minutes,
if channel is empty for more than set in emptydeletetime.
o Skipped version 6.5.1 to have the same version number as the normal edition of the JTS3ServerMod.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3036
+ Added the new settings for the InactiveChannelCheck from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.1.


Bot Update:
Version 6.5.0
+ JTS3ServerMod now supports SSH connections to the TS3 server 3.3.0 or newer.
+ Added detection and support of TeaSpeak servers.
o Added some more information to the log file while loading the Auto Mover function.
o Better Java 9+ compatibility.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.47.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3035
! Web Interface requirements changed: PHP 5.4 or newer and MySQL 5.5.3 or newer (MariaDB should also work) are required now.
+ Connecting to the SSH query interface of the TS3 server version 3.3.0 and to TeaSpeak servers are now possible.
Added the new setting from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.0.
+ Support for 4 byte unicode characters, which are supported with TS3 servers version 3.3.0 and newer.
+ Reply-To mail address added to the mail from the contact formular. Answering to the mail is now much faster.
– Bugfix: Single and double quotes was not readable in the mail from the contact formular.
o Updated the description of the AutoMove function.


Bot Update:
Version 6.4.5
+ JTS3ServerMod now always answers on private chat messages, even it was not a chat command.
In this case, an information will be send, that only valid chat commands are allowed.
o Some code cleanup while chat command parsing.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.46.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3034
+ Added the changed settings from JTS3ServerMod 6.4.4.
+ Added some privacy information while a user create a new user account, this information has to be accepted.
The same privacy information are now also visible on the new privacy page, linked at the top on every page.
+ install.php now displays a better error message, if an error occurred while connecting to the MySQL database.
+ Login using mail address is now also possible.