Bot Update:
Version 6.5.2
+ InactiveChannelCheck – Added channel name prefix for inactive channels (can be disabled). Check out the new config value PREFIX_emptywarntime.
+ Added the new feature of TS3 servers 3.5.0 and newer to set the client nickname of the bot before switching to the virtual server.
In this case the default query name with the ip address is not visible anymore. Of course there is a fallback for old TS3 servers.
o Changed behavior of InactiveChannelCheck. Channels will not be deleted within the first 10 minutes after starting the JTS3ServerMod.
If emptywarntime is active, channels will be marked instantly after starting the JTS3ServerMod and deleted after 10 minutes,
if channel is empty for more than set in emptydeletetime.
o Skipped version 6.5.1 to have the same version number as the normal edition of the JTS3ServerMod.

Webinterface Update:
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3036
+ Added the new settings for the InactiveChannelCheck from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.1.