Bot Update:
Version 6.5.7
+ InactiveChannelCheck – Added a new option to set a channel icon instead of the channel name prefix, to mark a channel as inactive.
Check out the new config value PREFIX_emptywarniconid.
– Bugfix: InactiveChannelCheck was broken because of query changes of the TS3 server last year. My tests unfortunately did not cover this.
Now InactiveChannelCheck is compatible with, I guess, TS3 server version 3.9+, but not with older ones.
– Bugfix: Fixed a bug while unloading all plugins while stopping the JTS3ServerMod (internal and external plugins).
The methods disable() and unload() from plugins was not called always!
o InactiveChannelCheck – The channel name prefix for an inactive channel will be removed, if the JTS3ServerMod will be closed gracefully.
o Changed max length for chat messages to 8192 bytes (this is possible since TS3 server version 3.8).
o Changed internal communication with the license server to make it a little bit more failsave, if the webserver acts not like expected.
o Updated the procrun tool from Apache Commons to version 1.2.2!
This now supports newer Java versions, but dropped older Windows versions than Windows 7 / Server 2008 SP2.
So keep your old JTS3ServerMod\tools\procrun directory, if you have to use very old Windows versions!
o Updated Windows exe files using Launch4j 3.12, which improves the support of newer Java versions.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.48.

Webinterface Update:
+ Added the new settings for the InactiveChannelCheck from JTS3ServerMod 6.5.6.
– Bugfix: Password reset mails was not working, if the URL in the mail template was changed.
– Bugfix: On the general bot settings page changed htmlentities to htmlspecialchars,
which should fix the problems if using unicode characters as Server Query Name for the bot.
o Changed some database columns to collation utf8mb4_unicode_ci to allow all unicode characters.
Maybe some database operations needs now some more time and space, but this should fix all SQL errors,
if 4 byte unicode characters will be used for Channel or Nicknames.
o Database columns, which can contain a chat message, enlarged to 8192 characters (which is the new max length of the TS3 server 3.8+)
o Changed TS3 cache time to 15 minutes from 2 hours. (multiple requests)